zappas hair collections

Autumn/Winter Collection 2018/19 at zappas hair salons across Berkshire & Hampshire

Behind the scenes…

Back To Black Collection – 2017

Our Back to Black collection of clean slick styling and simple easy to wear up-does are aimed at evening styling and that’ little black number’. We have created polished hair with a beautiful and shiny finish.

The Big Easy Collection – 2017

The Big Easy Collection was designed to create a cool street fashion vibe and casual summer styling. The understated approach incorporates natural, glossy hair tone and easy undone styling. 

Autumn/Winter Collection – 2016

Our Autumn/Winter collection has an 80s rock chic feel –  the more hair, the better. The styles feature messy fishtail braids, short cuts feathered on the top, and teased bold curls secured with hairspray.

 Spring/Summer Collection – 2016 

Our Spring/Summer collection features 70s/80s style bobs & medium length wavy locks. The hairstyles have been beautifully coupled with bold and bright loose blazers & blouses, styled with a colour block effect.

Hippy Chic Collection

Our Hippy Chic collection features soft natural hair and a natural make-up look.  The floaty, crocheted lace clothes with fringes and tassles complement the hair and make-up perfectly.


Rock & Roll Rebellion Collection

The Rock & Roll Rebellion Collection has a strong 1970s vibe with strong hair styling and make-up that is bold and bright.  The clothing features lots of cool denim and leather.


Juxtaposing Collection

The Juxtaposing Collection consists of two fabulous looks:  Monochromatic and Psychedelica.

Monochromatic  Slick, dressy black & white looks – hair chosen for evening wear.

Psychedelica Vivid commercial styling in contrast to wearable hair.

Neonology Collection

The Neonology collection uses strong undercutting techniques to create sharp edges with loads of internal texture.

We’ve taken the bob to a new level by adding vivid colours and powerful fringes – making a modern statement with its sleek sharp style.

Curls are big and soft creating a bold bohemian look.

Hair: zappas Artistic Team
Makeup: Kelly Nash & Jose Bass
Accessories: Toni Lamothe & Blue Barkes
Photographer: Roberto Aguilar

Retrographique collection

Our summer collection from the Zappas Artistic Team was to create a number of beautiful, bright commercial hair images to reflect what’s happening with hair on the high street.

More styled and finished hair as opposed to the more dressed down grungy looks that have gone before.These bright summery shots portray a much cleaner and more polished approach to current trends.

A fabulous sunlit back drop was perfect to set of our well groomed models complimented with contrasting summer colours from our wardrobe.

Hair: zappas artistic team
Photography: Alessandro Cecchini
Make-up: Kelly Nash
Clothes: Valentina

Zappas Nouveaux Noir Collection

These exaggerated, almost grown-out styles are a statement; a play on the classic ‘shag’ cut which is the perfect seasonal look.

The rich, muted shades infuse warmth, add impact and can only be accessorised with a scarlet pout. Wear with caution on dusky summer nights…

Hair: zappas artistic team
Photography: Roberto Aguilar
Make-up: Kelly Nash
Clothes: Russell Peeke

Mystic Glamour Collection

Ethereal, otherwordly tones underline our Mystic Glamour Collection.

The ashen images show ghostly, archangel figures in a cobwebby backdrop – with the emphasis firmly on their exquisite hair.

The zappas artistic team have created captivating contours and silhouettes, via styles that are voluminous and gossamer, blunt and mysterious or sculpted and amplified. The result is a haunting triumph.

Kaleidoscopic Collection

The new spring/summer collection from zappas artistic team.

These new cuts are clean, strong and graphic. We’ve played with different textures, over cuts, and shorter fringes, keeping in tune with the current fashion trends.

The vivid face and body make-up emphasises key areas of the body, while the rest is kept nude to keep the focus on the cut. This is a powerful, dramatic collection. It is also hauntingly beautiful.

Photography by: Roberto Aguilar
make-up: Jose Bass
Hair: zappas Artistic Team

Metallic Surrealism Collection

A creative collection of stunning photographic work with the use of metallic/black body paint and shadowy lighting has created these melancholy moody images.

Sultry ghost like images appear to be floating within the frames and the distorted photography add to the abstract surrealism.

Hair: zappas Artistic Team
Photos: Roberto Aguilar
Makeup: Kelly Nash and Jose Bass

Baby Dolls Collection

An overlay filter of soft colour tones in baby pinks, blues yellow & greens have given rise to our baby doll collection.

An eclectic collection combining various fashion eras from the 50’s through to the current day which are linked with the sultry, sexy baby doll theme.

The raw textured finish to the hairstyling gives that slightly current un-structured look.

Hair: zappas Artistic Team
Makeup: Kelly Nash & Jose Bass
Clothes: Russell Philip Peak
Photographer: Roberto Aguilar

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