Refer a Friend – for a 50% Discount


If you are an existing client at the Zappas Salons and you Refer a Friend who has never visited the salon –

you both get a 50% Discount off your next Cut and Finish.

Just enter the information below and your friend will get an instant email Discount Voucher courtesy of you.

Once they have visited the salon with their email voucher we will record a 50% Discount off your next Cut and Finish at your favourite Zappas Salon.

How it works –

1. Enter the Name and Email of your friend that has never visited a Zappas salon
2. Enter your Name & Email
3. Enter the name of the stylist that you recommend
3. Choose the Zappas Salon that you visit
4. Your friend gets an email courtesy of you that they take to the salon and get a 50% discount off their 1st  Cut and Finish
5. That email is recorded against your client record in that salon ready for your 50% discount off your next Cut and Finish.


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    1. steve Post author

      Hello Debra… Many thanks for your comment.. please could I ask you to complete our customer review (found on our front page) this will then be shared with your Facebook friends.

      And at the end of each month, one lucky reviewer will be selected at random to win a FREE Cut & Finish.

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