Tina Noble

How long have you been in hairdressing?

20 years

 Why did you choose to be a hairdresser?

Can’t remember but got sat job and loved it.

 What do you like most about being a hairdresser?

That every day is different and meeting different people. The finished look on people.

 What do you specialise in, i.e., colour, hair-up?

All of it

 What do you like about working for Zappas?

Being part of a group that keeps your training up to date and offers so much more if you want it than just standing behind a chair.

 What/who motivates you?


 What/who influences you?

Clients and colleagues

 What courses and qualifications in hairdressing have you achieved?

NVQ level 1 & 2, colour expert, Tigi courses. A2 training.