Christmas Party Hairstyles

Christmas Party Hairstyles

Stunning Party Hairstyles at Zappas Hair Salons

Christmas is the perfect excuse to get a new hairstyle and experiment with hair colour.  If you are stuck on choosing the right Christmas party hairstyle, visit the expert stylists at Zappas hair salons for some help. We can create beautiful party hairstyles for all hair lengths and types.  If you’re planning to wear a pretty jewelled clip or hair piece, bring it in so we can fix it in place. 

At our hair salons, we use the latest hair colours and styles to create the best party hairstyles for your dress and overall theme. We can create beautiful party hairstyles for all hair lengths and types.  Whether you want bouncy party curls or a poker straight hairstyle, we can create them all. 

Big Bouncy Curly & Wavy Hairstyles for Parties

For a curly party hair look, full bouncy curls are one of the sexiest party hairstyles.  You can wear your hair in a half up half down curly style for an up to date look. Add some Hollywood glamour to your party hair day by adding big voluminous curls. The possibilities are endless!  Choose from tumbling, soft waves or even fun and youthful ringlets. 

You can also wear your hair down or swept off your shoulders for the evening with the popular half up half down style? Structured waves may suit a formal event or dinner party, while messy waves and curls have a more ‘rock chick’ feel for a night of clubbing.  If you have naturally curly hair, work with your curls rather than trying to flatten them. 

Glamorous Christmas Party Upstyles

Buns and upstyles are a classic and chic look for any party!  Sleek and elegant party hairstyles can be created by sweeping your hair up into a natural looking updo. Your hair can be left tousled for a messier bun hairstyle that is more relaxed, or allow for wisps of hair to fall freely for a bohemian style bun. Alternatively, a low slung chignon, a side bun or a French pleat can look great when paired with any party dress. Add volume to your bun hairstyle and achieve a cute, girly look by adding a ribbon or sparkly clip to your hair. Keep your Upstyle together by making use of bobby pins or hair clips and fix the pins in a criss-cross manner. Short bobby pins will work perfectly fine, as they would sit well under the upstyle. 

If an updo seems too formal for you, why not opt for a ‘half up half down’ style where the hair is pinned up around the face and left hanging in curls down your back or to one side.

Short Party Hair Ideas

At Zappas, we can give you fantastic short hair cut that is going to flatter, enhance and compliment your looks, personality, style and features. Short hair can be almost as versatile as long hair so have fun styling it differently for each day of the week! If your hair is short we can give you a great precision hair cut personalised to suit your face shape and style. This can also make your face stand out and is versatile for any occasion.  Other short hair ideas include a slicked-back style, quiffs and bobs. 

Professional Blow Dried Hair at Best Hair Salon in Top UK Hair Salons

Want a sleek and stunning a straight hair look? If so opt for a professional Brazilian Blow Dry treatment. It works by injecting pure keratin (the substance that exists naturally in nails, skin and hair) into your hair.  This revolutionary treatment, originally developed in Brazil, re-aligns and bonds protein into the hair, making it smooth, shiny and healthy looking. Not only does it save you time on styling your hair because it gives you long lasting smoother, straighter hair. At Zappas, we use the L’Oreal X-tenso treatment that can transform unruly, curly or frizzy hair into smooth, beautifully silky & shiny hair for up to 60 days. It produces a straighter smooth ‘natural looking’ finish to achieve the Brazilian Straight Look.