L’Oréal Professionnel welcomes a new era of hair care

L’Oréal Professionnel welcomes a new era of hair care

Pro Fiber hair treatmentsPro Fiber is the new prescriptive treatment programme from L’Oréal Professionnel that is set to radically improved damaged hair.

The treatment penetrates and grips onto the hair fibre inside and out so your hair looks and feels healthier, shinier and with improved resilience and manageability for up to six weeks. Special polymers also act as a protective sheath, covering the hair’s surface to give it a soft and silky feel.

It has taken L’Oréal’s Research Laboratories seven years of research to develop Pro Fiber, their most sophisticated haircare technology to date.

The 3 Step Process:
1. In-Salon: We offer an in-depth hair fibre consultation to assess your hair. This will decide on the 1-3 level of treatment needed; REVIVE, RESTORE or RECOVER. This indulgent backwash treatment will be carefully layered and massaged into your hair fibre for 5 minutes. A leave-in pre-blow dry serum is then blown onto the hair, also offering heat protection.
2. At Home Reactivation: To maintain the salon treatment effectiveness, we prescribe a follow-up programme where you wash Pro Fiber into your hair every week.
3. At Home Recharge: On every fourth shampoo, you need to add a booster treatment instead of your usual hair conditioner to reboot the effectiveness and long-lasting resilience of the salon treatment.

This fantastic new treatment is ideal if you have hair that has been damaged by frequent heat styling, or if you have dull and rough hair texture, or if your hair has been very damaged after being subjected to multiple and aggressive processes.