Hair Cuts & Hair Styles to Suit Face Shapes

Hairstyles to suit face shapes from Zappas

Do you know which face shape matches yours?  If you don’t. you could find out your face shape right now.  All you will need is a mirror and a headband to tie your hair back and reveal your true hairline.  Notice the proportion of your features, notice your forehead and the shape of your chin then read on and see which face shape matches yours and which hairstyles and hair cuts will suit your individual face shape:

Hairstyles to flatter round face shapes

Round-L_A4Often more youthful in appearance (lucky you!) a round face shape is usually characterised by a soft round edged forehead and chin and full wide cheeks.  

The best hair cut and hairstyle for a round face shape will help balance out the roundness of the face creating the illusion of length. One way to achieve this is to add height and volume with a sophisticated upstyle, as demonstrated by Adele here.  Her high backcombed beehive hairstyle creates length, slims her face and balances her features.

You can disguise a round face shape by cutting in a Fringe to play down those face shapes that are rounder and fuller at the forehead area.  Wavy and curly hair can also help to balance out and play down a round, full face shape.

Hair styles for long face shapes

Long-L_A4Long face shapes are longer than they are wide and really need width to help balance out the face and make features look in proportion.  If you have a long face you will most probably also have a prominent chin and a large forehead.  Make these features seem more in line and in proportion by cutting a thick blint fringe to break up the length of the face, as Kate Beckinsale did.  Shoulder length hair cuts are usually great for long face shapes, as are side swept fringes too.

Hairstyles for long face shapes should have as much width as possible.  So, curls and waves in a shorter hair cut are great but if your hair is long and you can’t part with your long locks you could take heed from Sarah Jessica Parker and recreate her upstyle mid bun here.  This very large bun is not worn high, instead worn at the back, or to the side, halfway down the head to trick the eye into thinking there is more width and therefore reducing the length of the face.

Hairstyles to avoid with long face shapes include very long straight hair, this will just elongate the face.  Also, avoid centre parting hairstyles as they draw the eyeline down the centre of the face and longest point.

Hair Styles and Cuts for Heart Face Shapes

Heart-L_A4Heart face shapes are sometimes known for the widow’s peak – the point the hairline comes down to a peak creating the ‘heart’ shape around the face. Marilyn Monroe was a proud wearer of her widow’s peak and heart shaped face, as is Kourtney Kardashian,with both not covering it up and having it on display.   If you did want to cover up your widow’s peak hairline then a thick fringe is a great way to disguise a widow’s peak and also balance out the face, contrasting against the typical heart shaped feature of a pointy chin.

Heart shape faces are also sometimes called triangular shape faces or inverted triangle shape faces.  A great example of a triangular shaped face is Reese Witherspoon who also demonstrates how a blunt fringe can flatter a heart shaped, triangular face shape.


Hair Cuts for Oval Face Shapes



An oval face shape is deemed to be the best face shape and most perfect, so if your face shape is oval – lucky you! With all features in proportion, the oval face shape is the most versatile when it comes to hair cuts and hairstyles.  The best hair cut and hairstyle for an oval face shape could be one of many as you have so many options and endless possibilities with an oval face shape!

From long hairstyles to short pixie crops, these hair cuts all look great with an oval face shape.  Hairstyles and hair cuts to avoid with an oval face shape include anything that brings hair onto the face.  A full fringe for example will add weight to the face and also cover up your perfectly proportioned features!

Hair Cuts and Styles for Square Face Shapes

SquarenewL_A4Some of the most iconic male and female figures in history and Hollywood have had square shaped faces. With a bold, striking and strong jawline, the angular nature of the chin and jaw gives the illusion of power and importance.  So, if that’s the image you want to portray, it’s best to play to the advantage of a strong face shape and go with a haircut or hairstyle for a square face shape like Demi Moore which keeps the chin prominent.

Alternatively, the best way to balance a square face shape is to ensure that your hair cut and hairstyle is softer in appearance.  Great hair cuts for a square face shape include cutting long layers round the jaw, just below the ears, to soften the chin area.  Waves and curls can also help soften a square face shape with low chignon hairstyles to the side of the face also create balance against a strong jaw.

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