Balayage Experts at Zappas Hair Salons

Balayage is one of the most popular hair colour services at zappas hair salons in Berkshire & Hampshire. It creates beautiful sun-kissed highlights that light up your hairstyle and enhance your facial features.

One of the best things about balayage is that it is relatively low maintenance – your root regrowth will be less obvious than with conventional highlights. To maintain your look at its best we suggest you visit zappas every 8-12 weeks. We can also recommend some fantastic professional quality colour care products to keep your colour fresh and vibrant in-between visits.

Balayage experts in Hampshire and Berkshire at zappas salons

What Is Balayage?

Your zappas hair colour expert will paint vertical highlights throughout your hair, paying attention to where the sun might lift hair naturally to give you a glorious sun-kissed style. The bespoke results are less uniform and more natural looking than traditional highlights. The colour is usually darker and softer at the root area, growing more concentrated - often blonder - towards the ends of the hair. 

Balayage experts at zappas salons in Berkshire and Hampshire

Balayage v Ombre

What is the difference between ombré and balayage?  Ombré hair colouring showcases a contrasting two-toned effect from root to tip, whereas balayage is a more subtle hair colouring technique, and only a few sections of highlights are added to your roots. Ombré gives colour that is dark at the roots and gradually becomes lighter towards the tips in a defined way, whereas balayage is more multi-dimensional.

Balayage experts at zappas salons in Hampshire and Berkshire

Blonde Balayage

The most asked-for effect at zappas is blonde balayage which creates natural-looking sun-kissed highlights (as if you've holidayed in the Caribbean!) Blonde balayage is also a great way of lightening and brightening darker base colours such as browns and brunettes.  We will apply a few different blonde shades throughout your hair to enable us to create the best balayage hair colours in Hampshire and Berkshire! 

Balayage Experts near me at Zappas Salons

The Money Piece

If you're not ready for balayage, why not try face-framing highlights instead?  Also known as 'the Money Piece' because it makes your hairstyle look expensive and classy, we usually add blonde highlights but can adapt this to absolutely any shade you desire. You can also have the Money Piece with a full head of balayage highlights for the ultimate classy look.

Balayage Experts in Hants and Berks

Fashion Balayage 

While blonde balayage and red balayage may be popular, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have ANY shade of balayage. We love creating balayage using vivid hair colours and pretty pastel shades.  Consider a pink balayage which starts blonde at the roots and becomes pinker towards the ends, or a purple balayage in multiple shades of lilacs and purples. 

Best Balayage in Hampshire and Berkshire

Red Balayage

Warm red hair colours are a hot trend right now but if you're not quite ready for a flaming copper red hair colour, why not try a red balayage instead? We can add interest and a new dimension to dark hair colours by adding a mixture of different red highlights through your locks. Red face-framing highlights can also add some drama to your hairstyle and colour. 

Balayage Appointments At Zappas Salons

For the best balayage hair colour in Hertfordshire and Berkshire, make sure you book your appointment at zappas hair salons!  Book your appointment by either calling your preferred zappas salon using the links below, or book online.