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Perfect Hair Colour at Zappas Hair Salons

At Zappas Hair Salons we understand the importance of the right hair colour.  Finding the perfect hair colour to suit you, your personality and your hairstyle can make you look and feel fantastic.

Your first step towards sensational hair colour is to join us for a free hair colour consultation with one of our colour technicians. We will guide you through the colour techniques and options to ensure you leave us with the best hair colour possible, radiating vibrant tones and iridescent shine.

We really are experts when it comes to hair colour.  We have 18 qualified colour specialists across our group of hair salons – making Zappas the top UK salon for the highest number of colour technicians who have passed the prestigious L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Specialist degree course. 

Colour Specialist are an elite group who offer an unparalleled knowledge of colour and the ability to create perfect colour every time.  If you are looking for a specialist colour technique – perhaps the latest balayage or ombre- or a colour correction appointment, book in with a colour specialist.  

Please note:  If you are new to hair colour or you have not had a colour application with Zappas in the past 12 weeks, you will need to have an allergy alert test a minimum of 48 hours prior to your colour application appointment.

The Zappas Salons

How Do We Achieve The Best Hair Colour?

There are numerous hair colour techniques that we can use to give you beautiful hair colour.  Here are some of the most popular hair colour techniques:


Highlights & Lowlights

Highlighting or lowlighting using foils (sometimes known as hi-lites) are our most popular method of colouring hair.  More than one colour can be used with this technique creating a multi-tone colour effect that can be anything from an array of white to caramel blondes, a multitude of warm reds or even multifaceted black and brunette shades.

Sample foils – using up to 8 foils, these can be sliced, woven or placed all over for a subtle effect or perhaps concentrated in one area (the fringe for example) for a more dramatic look.

Half head foils – great if you want to lift and enhance your natural or pre-coloured hair and extremely versatile.
Using foil high lights or low lights on half the head of hair can produce striking yet natural hair colour results.

Full head foils – for an all over hair colour change, a full head of foils will enable your hair colourist to expertly colour your hair in full for dramatic effect.

red copper hair colourGrey Hair, Root Regrowth and Full Hair Colour

Complete all over hair colour coverage can really prove life changing!

Covering grey hair to bring more youthful life into your hair, touching up root regrowth to maintain your hair colour or a striking one colour all over change
can really alter the way you feel.  You wear your hair every day, so why shouldn’t it look its best?

These simple and effective hair colouring techniques can really make a difference and at Zappas we will work with you to create the perfect hair colour for you and your lifestyle.

Don’t worry about diving in and going permanent straight away – you can always choose a toner or semi-permanent colour before you take the full colour plunge!

Your expert Zappas hair colour technician will guide you through the available hair colour options and techniques that are right for you and your hair type.

short-blonde-hair highlightsFashion Colours & Hair Colour Trends

If you’ve ever witnessed the buzz in one of our salons you’ll know that staying ahead of the latest fashions and trends is a signature for Zappas!  We are highly skilled with the ability to create the most up to date looks including bespoke ombré, root drag, and balayage colours.

Whether inspired by the latest celebrity hair style gracing magazines and billboards, catwalk fashions or predicting the way hair trends will change, you can be sure that Zappas will already be on it!

We love showcasing our flair for the newest hair colours and techniques but we also know that these trends and fashions will not suit everyone.  We pride ourselves on taking the time to guide you through and adapting the right hair colour trends that will enhance and compliment your features, personality, and lifestyle.  Contact your local Zappas salon for a complimentary hair colour consultation where we can help find the perfect hair colour for you:

Take a look at our latest hair collections for inspiration.  If you are looking for an on-trend balayage, pastel hair colour or root stretch, read our hot hair colour trends article.

hair colour correction problemsHair Colour Correction

Colour correction can be a very stressful time and at Zappas you can be assured you are in safe, understanding hands.  Our master colourists solve various colour correction problems daily and are experts in dealing with a hair dye disaster.  Whilst we know this type of hair colour problem can leave you feeling anxious and self conscious it is very important to keep calm and seek professional hairdressing help as soon as possible.

Can’t I just dye over the problem colour?
This has got to be the most common hair dye disaster dilemma and the simple straight to the point answer is “NO!”. Applying a new shade over the old one won’t necessarily rectify hair colour problems.

If your hair is pre-coloured or has evidence of sun lightening, repeated washing, root regrowth or a build up of colourant (which most of us do have in some form) then this affects different sections and strands of the hair.  Colouring over it could make it all worse so let a Zappas Master Colourist analyse your hair to decide the exact mix of tones and shades required to restore hair colour.

My highlights are too orange – I have dark bands of colour overlapping from repeated colouring – my hair colour isn’t even… what can I do?

This is known as a hair colour imbalance and these hair colour problems are rectified by our Master Colourists on a daily basis.  Don’t feel that there is nothing you can do to correct hair colour or shade imbalances.  Pop in for a Zappas colour consultation and let us talk you through some suitable options.

Zappas are proud of our multi award winning Master Colourists who will work hard to achieve, maintain or correct the perfect hair colour for you as an individual.  Pop in for your free hair colour consultation and let us design a hair colour plan for you!

At your consultation at our hairdressing salon,many of our clients ask lots of questions about hair colour (especially if they have never coloured their hair before).  Therefore, our detailed hair colour consultation will answer these common questions.

  • I want to change my hair colour but how often should I get it coloured?
  • How does washing your hair affect colour?
  • I am pregnant – can I have my hair coloured?
  • What colour is best for my particular skin tone?
  • How can I ensure my hair colour lasts?
  • What products do you recommend?
  • Does swimming and the sun affect hair colour?

…and lots more questions.