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Experts in Hair Colour Correction – Zappas Hair Salons

hair colou correction, berkshire hair salonsIf you have experienced a hair colour disaster with a home dye kit or at another hair salon, do not despair – our Zappas hair colour experts have a wealth of experience in correcting hair colour issues.

During an in-depth consultation we will analyse your hair and set realistic expectations of what can be achieved.  Our aim is to get your hair looking and feeling healthy and with a beautiful colour.

Rest assured you are in good hands when you visit your local  Zappas Hair Salon.   We have more than 25 years’ experience in colouring hair which means we can achieve amazing results with your hair.

As well as offering extensive in-house training, 12 of our colour technicians hold Colour Specialist Degrees which means they are trained to the very highest standards in hair colouring.  These specialist colourists are in the top 1% of colour technicians in the UK and we have at least one of these experts in each of our salons.

We use only the best hair colour products from L’Oréal and we have products which can help to remove and restore hair colour.  One of the latest innovations in hair health is the incredible OLAPLEX hair treatment which restores and repairs damaged hair and can be used during the hair colouring process to strengthen your hair.

If you have any concerns about your hair colour, hair quality or you are interested in having a radical hair colour transformation, make sure you book in with one of our Zappas experts for a consultation so we can work out a plan to give you beautiful hair.

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