Bold Hair Colour Inspiration!

Unleash Your Wild Side With a Bold New Hair Colour at Zappas Salons

At Zappas Hair Salons, we believe that your hair is your canvas, and why not paint it with bold and vibrant colours? If you're ready to make a statement, we've got some daring hair colour ideas that will turn heads and have everyone asking, "Where did you get your hair done?"!

The Power of Pink

Move over traditional pinks; it's time to dive into the world of deep and intense shades. Whether you go for a sultry magenta, a bold fuchsia, or a deep rose, deep pinks add an electrifying touch to your locks. Our skilled colourists at Zappas Hair Salons can customise the perfect shade of pink to match your personality and style.

Deep Pink Hair Colours Zappas

Creative Colour Mixes: Be Your Own Palette

Why settle for one colour when you can have a masterpiece on your head? Our expert colourists excel in creating unique and personalised colour mixes. From mermaid-inspired blends of blues and greens to fiery combinations of reds and oranges, the possibilities are endless.

Let your imagination run wild, and let us bring your dream colour mix to life at Zappas Hair Salons.

Creative Hair Colour Zappas

Hidden Hair Colour Panels

For those who want a touch of boldness without committing to a full head of vibrant colour, hidden hair colour panels are the perfect solution. Imagine peek-a-boo strands of vivid hues that reveal themselves with every movement.

At Zappas Hair Salons, our colour specialists can strategically place hidden panels to add an element of surprise and playfulness to your look.

Hidden Panel Hair Colour Zappas

Half & Half Hair Colours: Embrace the Contrast

Make a bold statement by dividing your hair into two strikingly different colours. From contrasting shades on each side to a seamless blend down the middle, the half & half trend is all about embracing duality. Our talented stylists at Zappas Hair Salons can create a customised half & half look that reflects your unique style and personality.

Half and Half Hair Colour Zappas

Book Your Bold Hair Colour Transformation at Zappas Hair Salons

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