Creative Hair Colours at Zappas!

Have Fun With Your Hair Colour With The Creative Colour Experts at Zappas!

Are you ready to make a statement with a fabulous new hair colour? The Zappas salons are famous for creating stunning bold hair colours at our 6 salons in Wokingham, Twyford, Caversham, Crowthorne and Fleet. 

With an impressive 18 qualified colour specialists across our six hair salons, Zappas have the highest number of colour technicians in the UK to have passed the prestigious L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Specialist degree course. 

Our colour experts love creating stunning hair colours in every shade of the rainbow, if you're looking for creative colour inspo, read on to see some of our fabulous work!

Vivid Colours

Stand out from the crowd with a vivid hair colour transformation at Zappas. From perfect purples to beautiful blues, there's a vivid colour that works for everyone! We can add flashes of colour or go bold with all over vivid colour - the choice is yours!

Please note that if you currently have darker hair we will need to lighten it prior to adding the vivid hair colour. We always recommend adding Olaplex to your hair colour service to protect and strengthen your hair during the lightening process, find out more about Olaplex here

Vibrant Hair Colours Zappas Salons

Bold Flashes Of Colour

Want not one, but two creative colours? Take inspiration from this fab client who always has fun with their colour at every Zappas visit! We love this bright yellow flash in a stunning blue/green base - it's certainly one to make you stand out like a peacock in a sea of pigeons!

Not sure which colours will work best for you and your hair? Book a complimentary consultation at one of our salons and we will help you to choose the perfect hair colour combination!

Bold Hair Colours Zappas Salons

Rainbow Inspired Hair Colours

Discover the magic of rainbow inspired hair colours at Zappas Salons! Let your imagination run wild with our vibrant rainbow shades, we can tailor the placement of your colour to showcase your individuality. 

The only problem you'll have is choosing which shades to use (we used 9 different shades for this one and we LOVE it!)!

Rainbow Hair Colours Zappas Salons

Beautiful Balayage

Whilst you may not immediately think of balayage when thinking of "creative colours", a fantastic balayage takes the creative skill of an expert colourist. We can create an overall lighter look with perfectly placed balayage highlights, or add depth and dimension to your hair colour.

While blonde and brunette balayage may be popular, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have ANY shade of balayage. We love creating beautiful balayage using vivid hair colours and pretty pastel shades. 

Balayage Hair Colours Zappas Salons

Book Your Creative Colour Transformation at Zappas Hair Salons

Ready to turn heads and express yourself through your hair? Book an appointment at Zappas Hair Salons today and let our skilled team transform your hair into a work of art. Book online or using the links below.