Hair Colour Ideas

The Hottest Hair Colours at Zappas Hair Salons

Check out some of these sensational hair colours from the stylists at zappas and then book your hair colour appointment.

Please note:  If you are new to hair colour or we haven't seen you in a while, you will need a quick skin allergy test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment. 

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Striking Copper Hair Colours

We love copper hair colours all year round, but there is something particularly beautiful about copper hair shades in the sunshine. Match your hair colour to falling leaves with a stunning copper hair colour transformation at our hair salons in South East England. 

Ice Cold Hair Colour

Brighten up your day with a stunning icy blonde hair colour. Please note that if your hair is currently dark it may take us a few appointments to lift the colour but trust us, your patience will be rewarded! Your Zappas expert can recommend the best products to banish brassy tones between salon visits. 

Hailey Bieber's Bronde Hair

Bronde is one of the most popular hair colours right now! Whether you want to add interest to your brunette hair colour or add dimension to your blonde locks, a beautiful bronde hair colour can give you the best of both worlds. 

Please note: Not all colour services are bookable online. For more bespoke looks like balayage or bronding, please call and book a complimentary consultation.  

Protect Your Hair Colour

Now you've got a hair colour you love, make sure you protect it with the best professional hair care products, which seals in colour and leaves your hair looking and feeling flawless. Ask your zappas stylist for advice on the best products to help keep your hair looking and feeling fantastic at home!

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