Hair Trends 2015

At Zappas Hair Salons we predict what the hottest hairstyle trends are for 2015, so what are you waiting for, give us a call and get your hot new hairstyle and transform your style, a fabulous haircut will flatter and enhance your looks and make you feel and look amazing!

2015 is all about fuss free hair and having fun with your locks! Get some inspiration from our expert stylists at Zappas Hair Salons and take a look at what we predict to be the fabulous hairstyle trends for 2015.


Messy Waves and Curls

91From a messy bun updo to a short messy hairstyle, 2015 is all about the messy bedhead hair look. Just get up and go!! No worries about your hair in the morning any more, as 2015 is the year for messy hair!

Make the most of your hairs natural texture and volume don’t fight it! Leave your hair messy and enjoy the chaos. Embrace your natural curls or maybe add some rag rollers to poker straight hair to create messy relaxed curls!





Short Hair Cuts with a Difference

50Short hairstyles are stylish and funky, we’re talking short pixie cuts, chic bobs and cool crops, all bang on trend in 2015. Texture and movement can be added by using the right hair styling products to short hair, we can show you the tricks of the trade and create that messy bedhead hair look that is top of the crops this year.







1970’s Feathered Style Fringes

A fringe can wipe years off your face! It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, try a fringe for a new look. Inspired by the 1970’s a feathered styled fringe is brilliant for women who like to vary their look, guaranteed to flatter it’s a style that we can all try in 2015, so what are you waiting for…

Casual Braids & Plaits

190Braids and plaits look gorgeous and are bang on trend for 2015, whether it’s a French plait a braided bun or a fishtail plait, all will continue to be popular throughout the year. Plait your hair to one side with a fishtail plait with a low side parting, or for a change try winding your plait into a bun pinning it low at the nape of your neck. It’s all about having some fun with your hair in 2015, so let’s do it.

Over styled hair is a definite no this year and instead it’s all about embracing and enhancing your look.





Hair Accessories

Add some hair accessories from floral garlands, headbands, bows or pretty scarves all bang on trend in 2015, change your look to suit the occasion.

Hair Colour Trends for 2015

122The hair colour choices are endless if you want to change your look. If you want to turn heads why not go for a complete hair colour change. Our expert hair colour technicians at Zappas Hair Salons will guide you through the available colouring techniques and advise you on the best hair colour choice for you to suit your skin tone and personality.

The latest hair colour technique is ‘babylights’, a multi-dimensional hair colour technique, adding dimension and highlights to your hair, giving you a gorgeous sun kissed look.

Ombre continues to be the hottest hair colour trend in 2015 with many different options and can be carried out on just about every hair colour. Once you go ombre, you’ll never go back!

Enhance your look with a stunning new hair colour. Our expert hair colour technicians are trained to the highest standards in hair colouring and will give you the look you want to achieve.

Take a look at our hair colour services at Zappas Hair Salons, we understand the importance of the right hair colour.


Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2015

156For the Gentlemen in 2015 hairstyles and trends include long hair, pony tail or top knot, and textured hair for a masculine, sophisticated style. The quiff remains a favourite, worn slicked back for a smart look or for a more casual look worn messy.

So come on all you Gents out there, get yourself a brand new style for 2015 and take inspiration from Zappas Hair Salons, we are committed to creating the perfect gents haircut and style to suit you and your personality.