Lockdown Date Ideas

How to Keep Romance Alive During Lockdown?

February is traditionally the month of romance, but with venues closed during the lockdown planning dates can be difficult. 

We’ve put together a list of things you can do for that special someone that are inexpensive, easy to do even if you’re shielding and from the heart. Of course, you could always write them an IOU for a pampering hair service at our Berkshire and Hampshire hair salons for when we reopen….

Pack a Picnic

Valentines Day Date Ideas Salons in Berkshire and HampshireOk, so February maybe isn’t the best time for this one however, if you don’t live in an area of that is currently experiencing the freezing temperatures of a polar vortex, a picnic outside is the perfect way to spend the day.

If the weather isn’t picnic-appropriate, you can host the picnic in your living room, complete with warm drinks, a fire and some cosy throw pillows. It’s simple to create (some sandwiches and a bottle of fizz would do) yet memorable and sweet. 

Make a 3 Course Meal Together

Think of your favourite meals to order when you are able to go out on date nights, and recreate them in the comfort of your own kitchen. Learning how to make the meals together is a great skill and best of all, you’ll be able to spend lots of quality time together. Make the meal more romantic with chocolate dipped strawberries or, if you cant pick your favourite food, why not make the meal you had on your first date?

Start a New Show Together

Netflix and Tea Zappas Salons in Berkshire and HampshireWhy not book out a whole day relaxing and enjoying each other’s company by starting a new show from the beginning.

Make sure it’s something you both enjoy, and that there’s plenty of episodes to keep you going but beware! Avoid watching future episodes without one another, as this behaviour has been known to cause enormous rifts between couples.

Treat Your Other Half to a Spa Day

Create a perfect spa day at home, whether for your partner or for you both. Turn off your phones and create a spa atmosphere with luxurious baths, essential oils and scented candles. Make sure you both have a soft and fluffy dressing gown to relax in afterwards. 

Have a Game Night

Game Night Ideas Zappas Salons in Berkshire and HampshireSnacks, a glass of wine and a few board games can make up for a great night together.

There are so many games to choose from including card games, trivia and even jigsaw puzzles. 

Planning dates shouldn’t just be reserved for romantic love, show your love and appreciation for all your friends and family too! If you have children in the home, game night is ideal to involve everyone in the fun!