New Style Alert! The “Preppy Bob”

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The "Preppy Bob" has been making waves in the hairdressing world lately, thanks to bob icons like Hailey Bieber, Grace Kelly, and Laura Harrier. Hailey Bieber's preppy bob is one of the most sought-after hairstyles of the year so far! When we talk about 'preppy', we're talking about a classic, chic bob which gives off the fashionable "old money" vibe.

What is The Preppy Bob?

The Preppy Bob epitomises a classic, neat appearance infused with sophistication. Envision the vintage charm of Ralph Lauren campaigns and the iconic elegance of Grace Kelly. This hairstyle is characterised by its sleek, straight lines or soft waves, exuding a sense of refinement and grace.

For the Preppy Bob hairstyle, your Zappas stylist will begin with an exact, blunt cut above the shoulders. Adding slight layers can introduce movement and form, preserving the classic preppy look. To add more interest to the style, consider incorporating bangs or shorter layers framing the face.

Will I Suit a Preppy Bob?

During your consultation, your Zappas styling expert will assess your face shape and features to identify the most flattering hairstyle for you. A short Preppy bob may be ideal for some, while others might find a Preppy bob with bangs or a contoured bob more suitable.

The Preppy Bob is particularly flattering for oval, heart, or square face shapes, enhancing the haircut's clean lines and symmetry. Its length can range from jawline to just below the cheekbones, offering a subtly androgynous appeal.

How Do I Style My Bob?

We love the Preppy Bob for its versatility! It can be styled poker straight, with ends flicked under for a 90s feel, or with a gentle bend to add movement while maintaining the blunt edge.

No matter your hair texture, a Zappas stylist can tailor this look to suit you and offer expert advice for home styling and the best products to keep your bob looking fresh between salon visits.

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