Repair Your Hair After Your Holiday

Revive Your Hair After Summer Holidays with Zappas Hair Salons 

Summer holidays are a time of fun in the sun, but they can really take a toll on your hair. The combination of sun exposure, saltwater, and chlorine can leave your locks feeling dry, brittle, and dull. Fear not, because Zappas Hair Salons in Wokingham, Caversham, Fleet, Crowthorne and Twyford have the ultimate solutions to bring your hair back to life. From revitalising treatments to combating hair colour fade, we have you covered. Let's dive into the top-notch services that will rejuvenate your hair post-summer!

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Kérastase Fusio Dose Treatments: Nourish and Hydrate

Kérastase Fusio Dose treatments are a game changer for post-summer hair care. The sun's rays can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it parched and frizzy. Our specialised Kérastase treatments work wonders by delivering a tailored blend of essential nutrients, proteins, and hydrating agents to your hair.

This intense infusion of moisture restores softness, smoothness, and shine.

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Breathe Life Back into Your Hair Colour

The vibrant hair colour you flaunted before vacation might have dulled due to prolonged sun exposure. Our experts at Zappas know just how to revive that colour and make it pop again. With precision and care, we offer personalised hair colour refresh treatments that bring back the richness and vibrancy of your shade.

Get ready to turn heads with your renewed and refreshed look!

Zappas Hair Colour Refresh

Undoing Damage with L'Oreal Metal Detox

Sun, sand, and pool chemicals can build up in your hair, causing it to appear lifeless and weighed down. Our L'Oreal Metal Detox treatment acts like a detox for your hair, effectively removing impurities and metals that dull your locks.

This treatment is a reset button for your hair's health, leaving it lighter, more vibrant, and ready to shine.

LOreal Metal Detox in Wokingham

Trim Away Split Ends

Excessive sun exposure and pool activities can lead to split ends and breakage. Trimming your hair is a simple yet essential step to maintain its health. At Zappas, our experienced stylists are skilled in providing precision trims that eliminate split ends while preserving the length you love.

A quick trim can do wonders to revitalise your hair's appearance and overall condition.

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Rebuilding from Within: The Power of Olaplex

Summer activities can weaken your hair's structure, making it prone to breakage. Enter Olaplex treatments, a revolutionary solution that repairs and strengthens your hair from the inside out. Our Olaplex treatments rebuild the bonds in your hair, enhancing its resilience and reducing brittleness.

Experience the transformation as your hair becomes smoother, shinier, and more manageable.

Olaplex Hair Treatments at Peter Gotthard Hair Salon in Harrogate

Book Your Post Holiday Hair Repair Appointment

Say goodbye to post-summer hair woes and hello to gorgeous, healthy locks that are ready to conquer any season! Book your appointment at your local Zappas hair salon today and let us work our magic on your hair. Book online or call us using the links below.