Top Hair Trends For 2021

Top Hair Trends to Look Out For in 2021 at Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire and Hampshire

Well, we may not have the start to 2021 that we’d all been hoping for, but Lockdown is the ideal opportunity to get inspired for a fresh new look for when we re-open the Zappas Salons in Berkshire and Hampshire!

All of the Zappas stylists are highly trained and up-to-date with the very latest hair trends and would be happy to advise you on a flattering and wearable new look when we reopen. 

Here are some of our favourite ideas for inspiration for your post-lockdown locks…

Sleek Bobs and Long Bobs

Low maintenance hair is popular, which is no surprise after the last year, which means that the Blunt Bob is also set to be popular in 2021. A sleek bob is a perennial favourite, although it can take quite a lot of maintenance to keep it looking fresh. 

A low maintenance alternative to the sleek bob is to create texture in your hair by adding layers and waves. Adding texture, such as scrunching with mousse, to your look is a fabulous way to add volume to fine or very thin hair, and doesn’t need to look too structured. 

A long bob cut to the collarbone is on-trend and flatters all face shapes. 

Chic Pixie Cuts

Many of our clients have embraced short hair following a big chop after the first lockdown. Shorter hair can withstand less maintenance than longer locks. 

A pixie cut can be incredibly versatile, you can create slicked back or tousled looks, curly pixie hairstyles, asymmetrical chops or “fauxhawk” styles. Pixie haircuts with a fringe are a popular trend this year, being seen on magazine covers and social media alike. 

Natural Curls

If you’re blessed with naturally curly hair, multi textured or afro tresses, it’s time to embrace a natural, easy to wear look in 2021 and make the most of your hair’s natural texture.

To nourish your curly hair, tame frizz and create structure in your spirals, your Zappas stylist can recommend treatments and professional home hair care products that will infuse moisture into your hair and give you swoon worthy curls that are easy to maintain at home. 

Contrasting Hair Colours

We have such a wide range of shades available that it can be difficult to choose an all over colour, so why not choose a two-tone look? This trendy look means you can go for a customised hair colour combination to flatter you and your needs – simply speak to your Zappas colour expert.  

One popular example of two-tone colours is adding a beautiful balayage or contrasting ombre hair colours. You can add a colour that compliments your existing hair colour or make a statement with a dramatic fashion hair colour!

Rose Brown Hair Colours

Brunette hair can sometimes be overlooked in hair colour trends, where the advice is “go blonde” or to add pastel colours, but beautiful brunette ladies shouldn’t accept such limitations! This year the brunette colour trends are all about enhancing those warms tones and celebrating your dark side!

Warm rosy shades have become a popular way to enhance brunette hair colours. Rosy tones for brunettes are also a great alternative to the popular rose gold colours usually reserved for blondes.

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