The lifeblood of Zappas is by far the award winning training we provide for our staff.  It’s not just those who are new to hairdressing who benefit from Zappas’ unrivalled training programme, but all staff.  Zappas closes every week for a whole afternoon to focus on staff development and training, at every level. This ensures that our staff are always trained to the highest levels possible and have the most in depth technical precision cutting, colouring and styling techniques and skills alongside vast product knowledge and an up-to-date expertise on the very latest hair trends.

We invest heavily in our loyal team of stylists to ensure that they continue to provide incredible cuts, stunning colour, top-end service and ever high-reaching standards.

Staff training is key to the continuous expansion and success of zappas. Through hard work, dedication, external education and the development of our Training Academies, we are one of the most influential salon groups in the area.

Our superior training development has also led us to win prestigious awards including the British Hairdressing Business Awards Training Award and the Investors in People Award.


The Zappas Essential 10 training programme has been developed in-house to focus on several area of hairdressing.  Available to all trained stylists, and running weekly for 10 weeks, Essential 10 covers advanced hair colour knowledge, the latest in men’s hair cutting and styling and a look at what’s new in home hair care.

Zapaps is also proud to be part of the L’oréal Professionnel Portfolio Group –

L’Oréal Professionnel Portfolio is exclusive group of top British hairdressers who have been recognised for their creativity and expertise in the field of professional hairdressing.  Renowned for outstanding technical skills, as well as their artistic flair, these eminent hairdressers share a common goal: to consistently raise the profile of the British hairdressing industry.

As keen competitors in national and international events, the cutting, colouring and styling skills of these acknowledged experts inspire hairdressers world-wide.  Their stage work is complemented with style shots and profiles in magazines and they are journalist’s first point of call when searching for advice on new products or hair care.  Recognised by the industry, members also appear on radio and television in a variety of shows, especially those relating to fashion, beauty and the salon industry.

Read more about L’oréal Professionnel Portfolio Group


If you have a passion for creative hairdressing and a desire to work with one of the UK’s leading salon groups then consider hairdresser training with Zappas.

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