Summer Hair Problems

Save Your Hair This Summer With Top Hair Care Tips at Zappas Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire

Summer Hair Offers

It's that time of the year when, if we're lucky enough, we can jet off to warmer climates. Summer holidays or even warm weather at home can be a nightmare for the health of your hair though, with heat damage, chlorine from pools and a break from your normal hair care regime contributing to common summer hair problems. 

Fortunately, our hair stylists at Zappas Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire are available to help you take care of hair this summer. Below they give their advice on how to prevent and protect your hair from common summer hair problems....

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Deep Cleansing Products at Zappas

In summer, the humidity and use of products can cause us to wash our hair more frequently. The heavy detergents in some shampoos can cause dry, brittle locks with too much use, so we would recommend using a sulphate-free shampoo to cleanse your hair gently without drying it out.

We stock a wide range of sulphate free, deep cleansing products in our salons and will be happy to advise on which products work best for your individual hair care needs.

Frizzy Hair - Prevent It With A Conditioning Treatment at Zappas Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire

One thing we are always asked about during summer is "how do I prevent my hair from being frizzy?"

Hair becomes frizzy due to a lack of moisture at the roots of the hair, which is very common on hot summer days. To prevent frizz, you simply need to inject moisture back into hair, with a hydrating treatment at Zappas Salons.

Our stylists are trained to analyse your hair’s needs, and recommend luxury hair treatments  such as a Kérastase Fusio Dose treatment. Kérastase Fusio Dose treatments are tailored to restore your hair back to its pre-holiday condition and give it a much-needed boost of moisture. We can also recommend professional products to keep your hair hydrated and smooth in between salon visits!

Chlorine Damaged Hair - How To Protect Your Hair 

Before taking a dive into a cool pool on holiday or at the gym this summer, you need to ensure that your hair is well protected against the damaging effects of chlorine. Chlorine can cause your hair to be dry and more susceptible to breakage and is well known to fade hair colour, even turning blonde hair green!

We advise wearing a swimming cap when in the pool as it is the only way to prevent chlorine in the water from damaging your hair, there are plenty of fashionable swimming caps available on the High Street. We also recommend using a chlorine-removing shampoo to wash hair, ask your Zappas stylist for advice on the best ones for your hair.

Heat Damaged Hair - How To Prevent It

Strong summer heat can cause your hair to dry out quickly, making it more likely to break. To ensure your hair is in the best condition possible this summer, use a good heat protection spray and only use hair products with UV protection. You should also consider wearing a hat to protect your hair from the sun, although if this isn't possible, wearing a top knot or protective hair style such as plaits could work. 

Prevent Your Hair Colour From Fading This Summer

Your hair colour can fade more quickly in the summer sun so, to prevent this, use shampoos and conditioners that are designed to enhance and protect your hair colour. If you have a hair colour appointment your hair before your holiday, visit our hair salons in Berkshire & Hampshire for an OLAPLEX treatment. Ensuring exceptional hair quality after lightening, colour and texture services with OLAPLEX which will protect and strengthen your hair.

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