Silver Grey & Platinum Blonde Hair Trends

Platinum Blonde & Silver Grey Hair Colour Trends at Zappas Hair Salons

Want a vibrant new hair look to brighten up the Autumn days? Platinum blonde hair is one of the biggest hair trends of 2017. If you are after bold hair colour change, platinum blonde hair is a great choice. At Zappas hair salons, we’ve rounded up some of the best blonde hair colours for summer – Choose from ice white blonde to silver grey hair colour, the colour possibilities are endless.

Whilst it might be one of the hottest hair colours, ice white blonde hair can also be one of the most high-maintenance hair colours. When it’s time to cover up those roots, this is best left to the professionals.

At Zappas, we strive to create lovely hair colours to achieve a quality result. Our hair colour technicians are experts in creating gorgeous, personalised blonde hair colours making use of the latest hair colour techniques. You can contact one of our salons to learn more about which hair colours suit you best. Don’t forget to check out our latest hair styling and hair colour offers for great deals and savings.

What is the best blonde hair colour for me?

 At Zappas hair studios, we understand that going platinum is one of the biggest hair transformations and we are highly trained to assess your hair tone and natural colouring to work out which blonde might suit you best.  

Blonde hair colours come in many shades, so choosing the right hair colour to suit your skin tone can be challenging. If you are absolutely convinced that platinum blonde is the only colour for you, we can help find the perfect tone from ice white to ash platinum, silver grey to platinum highlights. Platinum and ice white tones are great colours if you are after a bold hair colour. 

Book in for a free hair colour consultation and please remember that we require all clients to have a colour patch test 48 hour before any hair colouring service. This allows us to check for any skin sensitivities and ensures safety for all our clients.

How to get the platinum blonde hair look

Bleaching hair requires professional help as there are various necessary steps to achieve a platinum blonde hair colour. Whether you are after an icy blonde, a blue hue or a silver grey hair colour, Zappas hair salons will achieve this with our hair colour expertise.  

The hair colour process can be very tricky if done at homes so it is important it is left for our professional hair colour stylists to avoid you having to come in for a hair colour correction service. Once your hair colour has been lifted, we will bleach it and add a toner. Unless your hair is blonde to begin with, going platinum is likely to take more than one appointment. 

Regular visits to your hair stylist are strongly advised for maintenance of your hair colour – It’s important to listen to your hair colourist’s advice for healthier hair. 

Ice white blonde hair colour trend

White blonde hair is a major hair trend for 2017.It may be quite a daring hair colour, but ice white blonde hair can actually suit a lot of skin tones and styles.  If you’re unsure as to whether silver grey is right for you, ice white blonde hair may be the one! White blonde hair is a major hair trend for 2017. From long and luscious hair extensions to a short, punky buzz cut, it can also be styled a variety of ways. 

Silver grey hair colours

From soft, shiny grey to a deeper, charcoal hair colour, there are several shades of grey hair to suit you. The metallic silver hair colour trend is a vibrant hair colour that has stuck around for a while. The metallic tones give vibrant tones to dull hair.  Platinum grey hair colour is a huge hair colour trend for 2017 and 2018,  It is a lighter, whiter take on the grey hair colour trend, giving a more icy finish. 

Book a hair colour appointment at Zappas Hair Salons

No matter which hair colour you desire, our colour technicians can help you towards the hair you’ve been dreaming of.  Give us a call on one of the numbers below to book in for your hair colour appointment, but remember also to pop in for a quick skin allergy patch test 48 hours before your appointment.