Summer Hair Care Tips

Essential Summer Hair Care Tips at Zappas Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire

Summer Hair Care Tips

Now that summer is here, it's time to adapt your hair care routine to combat the challenges brought on by the sun, heat, and pool chemicals. At Zappas Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire, our experienced stylists are here to share their essential summer hair care tips. From protecting your hair from chlorine damage to safeguarding your hair colour, we have the solutions you need for healthy, vibrant hair all summer long.

Summer Hair Care Tips











Deep Cleansing Products: A Gentle Approach to Summer Hair Care

In the summer, frequent washing is often necessary due to heat and product build up. To avoid drying out your locks, opt for sulphate-free shampoos that cleanse your hair gently while maintaining its moisture balance.

At Zappas Salons, we carry a range of deep cleansing products that are free from harsh detergents. Our stylists can help you select the perfect product for your individual hair care needs.

Prevent Frizz with Luxurious Conditioning Treatments

Frizzy hair can be a common concern during the summer months. To combat frizz, it's crucial to restore moisture to your hair's roots. At Zappas Salons, our stylists are trained to assess your hair's needs and recommend tailored treatments like the indulgent Kérastase Fusio Dose. These treatments replenish your hair, providing a much-needed infusion of hydration. To maintain smooth and moisturised hair between salon visits, we can also recommend professional products suited to your hair type.

Need longer lasting frizz control? Find out more about our hair smoothing keratin treatments here

Kerastase Fusio Dose

Protective Measures Against Chlorine Damage

Chlorine in pools can be harsh on your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Preventing chlorine damage is essential for maintaining healthy locks. We recommend using Kerastase's Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental, a lightweight, yet effective, conditioner that helps to protect your hair from chlorine exposure. For an added layer of protection, wearing a fashionable swimming cap is highly recommended.

If you have concerns about chlorine damage, our Zappas stylists can suggest the best products to help restore and protect your hair.

Chlorine Protection For Hair

Shield Your Hair from the Sun with Kerastase SPF Products

Just like your skin, your hair requires protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Kerastase offers a range of SPF hair products to shield your tresses from sun damage.

We recommend using Kerastase Soleil Aqua-Seal, a leave-in spray that provides UV protection and acts as a barrier against water and chlorine damage. Another excellent option is Kerastase Soleil CC Crème, a versatile cream that hydrates your hair while offering protection against UV rays.

Our stylists can guide you in choosing the ideal SPF product based on your hair's specific needs.

Kerastase SPF For Hair

Book Your Summer Hair Care Appointment With The Zappas Experts

This summer, prioritise the health and vitality of your hair with the expert guidance of Zappas Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire. Our stylists are well-versed in the challenges your hair faces during the summer months and can offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Book an appointment with us today and embrace summer with beautiful, healthy hair. Call your local Zappas salon using the links below or book online