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The Hottest Hair Trends At Zappas Hair Salons

Just when you thought you'd seen every hairstyle going, along comes another surprising new batch of hair trends! While we haven't had many requests for the Octopus Haircut yet, it's causing waves in the hairdressing world! At Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire and Hampshire, our team of expert stylists are ready and waiting if you're ready for a hair makeover. 

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What Is The Octopus Haircut?

The Octopus Haircut is the latest trending, super versatile, hairstyle that loosely mirrors the shape of an octopus, with rounded and voluminous layers on the crown, and softer, longer layers at the base.

The look is inspired by punky classic hairstyles, with the texture and edge of the popular '70s Shag and Mullet hairstyles, and the tousled styling of the popular Wolf Cut. The Octopus hairstyle works on a wide range of hair lengths and textures so anyone can rock this style for one of the hottest looks of the year.

The Modern Shag Hairstyle

Modern shag haircuts are the latest trend to add an edgy, modern twist to your hairstyle.

A shag works well with most hair lengths and it hasn't met a texture yet that it didn't love! Shag haircuts can add volume to fine or thinning hair and can even tame frizz and soften unruly curls. If you're looking for a fresh new hairstyle, book in for a complimentary consultation with a Zappas expert who can find the perfect shaggy look for you. 

We're Still Loving the Wolf Cut!

The Wolf Cut exploded onto the hairdressing scene in 2021, bringing in wild layers and tons of texture to create a cool look that quickly rose to the top of the most wanted hairstyles lists. This modern twist combines the classic mullet and shag hairstyles and is a fantastic way to shake up your look! With the wolf cut, the hair is cut shorter with rugged shagginess on the top and gently faded towards the temples.

Style your wolf cut with mousse or a texturising product for plenty of shape and movement and you’ll achieve a stunning, on-trend hairstyle that will turn heads!

The French Girl Bob

Are you looking for a new hairstyle with a little "je ne sais quoi"? Whilst the classic bob haircut will never go out of style, the epitome of chic this year is the French Girl Bob. This blunt cut is often paired with voluminous bangs and gives off that nonchalant stylishness that French women are famed for. 

Best of all? The French Girl Bob can be adjusted to flatter your face shape and individual style. 

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