Men’s Barbering at Zappas Salons

Men’s Hair Services Available at Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire and Hampshire

We are pleased to be offering men’s barbering services at our Beanoak Road Hair Salon. Our expert barber can create the latest hairstyles for men including skin fades, quiff hairstyles and styles for men with curly hair. 

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Skin Fades For Men

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for men at the moment. The skin fade, which graduates from a longer length at the top of the head down to no hair on the sides, is ideal for creating a polished and fashionable appearance, and the Zappas experts can show you how to rock it.

Texturised Hairstyles For Men

Many men are choosing to keep their hair longer on top following the lockdown, but need styling advice from the Zappas barbers. We can show you how to create textured gent’s hairstyles with your longer hair, and can provide cool fades or undercuts to keep your look modern and fresh.

Men’s Hairstyling Products at Zappas

At Zappas hair salons in Berkshire and Hampshire, we stock only the very best professional hairstyling products for men and women. Ask your Zappas expert for the best styling products for your hair – we even stock products to tame your beard!

Book Your Men’s Hairstyling Appointment at Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire

If you’re looking for a classic, fashion or men’s hairstyling makeover, book in with the barbering experts at Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire or call your local salon using the links below.