Nude Ombré Hair Colour

Discover The Nude Ombré Hair Colour Trend at Zappas Hair Salon in Berkshire & Hampshire

Refresh your hair this autumn with a fresh nude ombré colour to Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire. The latest hair colour trends are leaning towards a more natural looking, sun-kissed hair colour and these nude shades are ideal to help you rock this trend.

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What is Ombré Hair Colour?

The well-known ombré technique describes a hair result that gradually gets lighter from the mid-lengths to the ends. Only a professional can create a sophisticated duo of ombré hair colours, for a natural result without demarcation.

What is a Nude Ombre?

Nude hair is very similar to natural blonde hair. Where most popular blonde hair colours are on the ends of the tone spectrum (cool or warm), it’s very rare that a hair colour ranks as neutral.

If you’re wondering what tone nude hair has, we can help! Think about it like this: Platinum blonde is a cool shade and golden blonde is a warmer tone of blonde hair colour. Nude hair falls in the middle of the spectrum.

The best thing about nude hair colour is it looks good on just about everyone. Yes, really! Since this hair colour technique is meant to mimic your natural hair colour, nude hair will look slightly different on every person. In fact, it plays upon each person’s unique characteristics and undertones to create a bespoke look which is an individual as you are. 

How Can You Get Nude Hair at Zappas Hair Salons?

Nude Ombre Hair Colour, L'Oreal, Hai Salon, Zappas, Berkshire, HampshireOnce you commit to getting nude hair, you’ll have to choose how to customize your hue. Do so by choosing specific tones in your blonde that you want to stand out!

For example, if you want to change up your ashy look but you want to keep your hair light—all you’d have to do is opt for more golden hues and you’d have a warmer version of the same effortlessly gorgeous nude hair colour.

In order to have perfectly customised nude hair colour, it is recommended that you visit the experts at Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire & Hampshire.

As with all balayage hair colour techniques, although your initial appointment may take a while, the upkeep of this hair colour will be low as the sun-kissed highlights look so natural! 

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