The Top Autumn Hairstyle Trends

The Latest Hairstyle Trends for Autumn At Zappas Hair Salons

Now that the seasons are starting to change, many of us will be looking for inspiration for a change in hairstyle, perhaps a dramatic change or something a little more low maintenance to ease us back into society!

Below, the expert stylists at the Zappas Hair Salons in Berkshire and Hampshire explore what they feel will be this season's hottest hairstyles on the high street...

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The Modern Mullet

Don't worry—Autumn's newest choppy hair trend doesn't exactly resemble the mullets you're imagining! Whilst the rise of the iconic "redneck" hairstyle might be a trend we didn’t expect, it’s become a firm favourite with a number of celebs!

The modern mullet is edgy, sexy, gender-neutral, works for most textures and can be tailored to you - you just let us know how subtle or dramatic you want your mullet!


Curtain Bangs For Autumn

Not sure if you can pull off a full fringe, or don't want to work too hard to maintain perfect bangs? Curtain bangs may be your hairstyle saviour this Autumn, especially as they are more versatile than many other types of fringes and take less maintenance to look great.

Curtain bangs work with most hair textures and can be adapted to suit your hair and styling needs, just speak to your Zappas stylist about how we can make curtain bangs work for you. This style will look great paired with a flannel shirt and pumpkin spiced latte! 


Textured Long Bob Hairstyles

We love a long bob at the Zappas salons, it's a flattering length for most face shapes and can be styled in different ways to take you from day to night, and is long enough to be tied back at the gym!

The trend this Autumn is for a rock chick textured long bob, which takes minimal styling. Nothing about this long bob cut, which hits right between the jawline and collarbone, is too prissy or fussy, and that's what makes it such a cool look for Autumn. 


The Bedhead Look

For many of us in 2020, the world slowed down and we got used to not putting in as much effort with our day to day styling, joggers and a messy bun were in vogue! 

Luckily for you, one of this Autumn's biggest trends for longer hair is the effortlessly glam bedhead look, so if you were worried about re-entering the world looking like you just woke up, you have nothing to panic about. Make friends with your dry shampoo and tease the roots just a tad to bring some life back into the look, just be sure to ditch the joggers!


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