2023 Hair Trends

Hair Colour and Style Trends for 2023 at Zappas Hair Salons

Are you eager to make a change with your look this year? The hairdressing experts at Zappas, the best hair salons in South East England, have looked at the top hair trends we think will be huge this year. 

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The Wednesday Addams Fringe

If you're anything like us, you've re-watched Wednesday on Netflix a few times, you'll no doubt be as obsessed with her fabulous full curtain fringe as the team at Zappas are!

The "Wednesday Addams Fringe" is set to be one of the biggest looks of this year and will work with most hair textures. Ask your Zappas stylist about ways to ensure your fringe looks frightfully good every day!

Modern Shaggy Hairstyles

Casual shaggy hairstyles have become incredibly popular over the past few years and the trend looks set to continue into 2023. It started with The Shag - a rock chic hairstyle with lots of layers, choppy ends and plenty of texture - before evolving into The Wolf Cut with its wild layers and fabulous texture. Then came the sensational Modern Mullet with its short top and sides and long layers at the back, and who could forget the autumn haircut, the Octopus Cut hairstyle that mimicked the shape of an octopus!

If you're ready for an edgier look for 2023, let the Zappas experts create a bespoke layered hairstyle that suits your sense of style, lifestyle and hair type. 

Pearl Blonde Hair Colours

If you are looking for a radiant new shade for the new year, you'll adore the newest trend for pearlescent blonde hair colour. This luminescent icy blonde hue is ideal for clients with cooler skin tones and will leave you looking and feeling like a beautiful ice queen this year!

Make sure you book in for regular toning appointments at our Berkshire & Hampshire hair salons to banish brass between hair colour appointments. 

Vivid Pink Hair Colours to Turn Heads

Stand out from the crowd with a stunning vivid fashion hair colour this winter. From bold Pantone inspired Magenta shades to pastel pink hair shades, vivid pink hair colours are one of the most popular hair colour choices of the last few years. 

Please note that if you currently have darker hair we will need to lighten it prior to adding your vivid hair colour. We always recommend adding Olaplex to the colouring process to protect and strengthen the hair. 

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