What Makes Hair Grow

All You Need To Know About Growing Your Hair from the Hair Experts at Zappas Hair Salons

 How fast hair grows and what makes hair grow fast? These are popular questions often asked to our hair stylists at Zappas Hair Salons. In this article, we have the opportunity to give you all the facts supported with a basic science explanation).

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How Fast Does Hair Grow?

What Makes Hair GrowHair passes through small channels of skin called hair follicles during growth. Hair follicles numbers around a hundred thousand for an average person, and grows 0.35mm longer daily.

The growth rate of hair follicles is dependent on diet, hormones and genetics. You often hear pregnant women describe their hair as thick and strong, this is due to the surplus hormones in the body during pregnancy.

Your hair strand has three distinct layers; they are the cortex, cuticle and medulla. The cortex and medulla hold the pigment responsible for hair colouration.

Why won’t my hair grow longer?

Because you have flat follicles that do not allow for longer hair length. There are two types of hair follicles – the flat and round. The flat follicles are associated with shorter hair length because they do not hold hair tightly, they drop hair quicker when it becomes too heavy.

Round hair follicles grip hair firmly, so it takes longer for them to drop hair when hair becomes weighty and this allows hair to grow longer.

So, it does not matter how well you take care of your hair – if you have flat follicles, your hair will not grow to great lengths. Just love your short hair, and there are great hair styles for short hair.

Do you ever wonder why haircuts are painless? Well, the reason is the visible hair is composed of dead cells. As hair grows, it passes through the follicles and picks cell proteins from the blood vessels. An increase in the accumulation of cell proteins leads to hair growing longer and pushing through to the skin. By the time hair becomes very long and appears on the scalp, the cells are dead. This structure of hair explains why haircuts are painless.

How to grow your hair – tops tips from Top UK Hair Salons

What Makes Hair GrowAs earlier said, your hair will not grow to great lengths if you have flat hair follicles. However, you can speed up the growth process. These tips below will help you grow your hair faster and keep it healthy.

  • Eat food containing much iron, protein and zinc as they boost hair health.
  • Wash hair with a mild shampoo; one that will not be harsh to your scalp.
  • Cut your hair regularly
  • Take supplements that nourish the hair follicles

What causes damage to my hair?

Many habits wreak havoc on your hair such as use of shampoos containing silicone, exposing hair to the chlorine in swimming pools and the frequent use of heat appliances. These habits, if not curtailed, will result in hair breakage. Have regular haircuts and use professional hair care products suitable for your hair type.

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